What We Offer

Lectures, Discussions, Workshops
For over four years we supported design schools and companies in Europe with inspiring lectures, brainstorm sessions, design workshops and educational courses. We would love to visit your organization for an inspiring lecture and/or interactive workshop focused on sustainability.

Besides lectures, discussions and workshops we are helping our sponsoring partners with inspiration and personal contacts around the world to make their business more sustainable.

Design Education
PARK is one of Europe’s leading experts in design management.
- Goal: Support online design management education and collaboration overseas
- Activities: Define potential of online education with local designers, design centers and educational institutes
- Keywords: design management, online education, coaching
See our blogposts at PARK’s day-by-day blog here.

Packaging Design
MUTTER is an agency for corporate and packaging design based in Hamburg.
- Goal: Provide more insight in the use and packaging of water around the world
- Activities: Creating a visual documentation of (bottled) water
- Keywords: packaging, water, bottles
See MUTTER‘s news here.

Materials Research
„Made Of …“ is an upcoming materials library at the Delft University of Technology.
- Goal: Support the materials library with applications and samples of natural materials
- Activities: Gather applications and physical samples of natural materials and bio-plastics
- Keywords: natural materials, bio-plastics, design
You can read more about this upcoming material library here.

Get In Touch
To contact us for a lecture, workshop, research or more information, send your email to: info@itsnoteasybeinggreen.net

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