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Hello TCDC

In Bangkok, we visited the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) which houses over 15 thousand (!) books on design and architecture. The enormous library of books is supported with a library of materials which is part of Material Connexion‘s … Continue reading

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Talks at the CMD

Besides the live-transmitted interviews for the Materials Café we talked with several design studios at the Metropolitan Design Center (CMD) about the meaning of sustainability in their daily work. We enjoyed some very inspiring talks with Veronica Sordelli (Fabulosico) about … Continue reading

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Interview Diseñaveral

Leandro Laurencena and Maximiliano Cifuni are Diseñaveral, an industrial design studio who is not promoting the sustainable aspects of their designs but rather focusses on delivering quality products. We had a discussion about the advantages and moreover disadvantages of „green“ … Continue reading

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Interview Pomada

The word Pomada has many meanings including „being fashionable“. No wonder that the most of Pomada’s works by Antonela Dada and Bruno Sala are being sold in Buenos Aires design shops. Unlike most fashion items, Pomada‘s work is built to … Continue reading

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Interview Gruba

Gruba is a creative studio for sustainable architecture and design. For Maria Constanza Nuñez and Gabriel Pires Mateus sustainability is all about considerate use of energy, resources but most of all common sense. Practical examples are seats made of cardboard … Continue reading

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Interview Banzai Boards

The Japanese used to scream „Banzai“ as a battle cry. When the designers Eugenio Levis and Marcelo Eleta say Banzai we should not be worried. Banzai Boards is a new board sports company that kicks off with bamboo-based boards. The … Continue reading

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Interview Bambucicleta

Bambucicleta is the name of a company that develops unique bicycles made from bamboo. We talked with Leonardo Pelegrin (co-founder) who explained us more about developing new products by processing traditional materials with modern (aircraft) techniques. Note: The Materials Café … Continue reading

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Hola Metropolitan Design Center

Since 2011, the Metropolitan Design Center (CMD) is a hotspot for design in Argentina. One of its main goals is to promote and demonstrate the cultural and economic importance of design. The organization supports five areas including young designers (featuring … Continue reading

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Hello Paraná Design Center

During our talks about sustainability in Curitiba a lot of designers referred to last year’s Design Biennial, so we decided to learn more about this event. We visited the Paraná Design Center where Juliana Buso and Karin Elisabeth Strapasson explained … Continue reading