Green Drinks Vietnam

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In Ho Chi Minh City we get in touch with Simon Christy, co-organizer of the local Green Drinks. At the La Fenetre restaurant we meet with a dozen green minded architects, researchers, journalists, consultants, professors and their students that live … Continue reading

Bangkok Streetview

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Markets during day, markets during night, great street food, sticky rice, endless crafts, colorful monks in even more colorful temples, bicycling as weekend activity, power cables everywhere, and more delicious street food!

Hello TCDC

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In Bangkok, we visited the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) which houses over 15 thousand (!) books on design and architecture. The enormous library of books is supported with a library of materials which is part of Material Connexion‘s … Continue reading

Hello Green World Foundation

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Close to Bangkok’s famous temples we discover the Green World Foundation. The Green World Foundation focuses on providing educational tools such as books and workshops to teach children more about sustainability. Within a wide range of publications creating more awareness … Continue reading

Holidays In Hell

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With this post we quote an earlier article in the Time Magazine about Bali‘s pollution problem. One of the main reasons for the pollution is not the wind, not the other islands but that most Balinese never learned about the … Continue reading