Tokyo Streetview

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After an earthquake disaster and ongoing nuclear threat, life goes on in Tokyo. Lost in transportation, traditional dance, barbecuing below the highway, pointing at plastic food, climbing tower houses, growing up with a “teddy chair” and asking the Gods for … Continue reading

Hello Palate Palette

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In one of Kuala Lumpur’s nicest restaurants we meet with the designer Su-Ann Wong who decided to start the Palate Palette restaurant with her partner years ago. The colorful illustrations and surprising week program, such as “bring your own pet”, … Continue reading

Tioman Experience

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Tioman Island (locally known as Gunung Daik Bercabang Tiga) is one of Malaysia’s treasures located a few hours bus drive from Singapore. This tropical jungle island is a popular destination with tropical fishes, lazy cats, coconut drinks, clean waters, beach … Continue reading

Singapore Streetview

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Hypermodern tower houses with nostalgia coffee corners, Majulah! – preparing for the National Day, technology is advanced but recycling is basic, multicultural people, and who doesn’t love his (smart)phone?